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We’re staying in Colorado this month…

At Full Circle Travel, we’re always looking for the next great experience. And to kick off 2011 in style, we’ve found something truly unique: Dunston Hot Springs, a small and exclusive resort nestled deep in the San Juan Mountains of the Colorado Rockies.

The one time ghost town, now perfectly restored, has been reborn as a boutique resort open all year around. Niall Douglas, our very well travelled MD says “It’s my idea of heaven.” So, we thought it was only fair to share.

10 Reasons To Love Dunton Hot Springs

1. A genuine Colorado experience

Hand-hewn log cabins, now luxuriously furnished, an authentic saloon, hiking trails, soothing hot springs…

2. The Snow

Head into silent world of billowing powder via helicopter and enjoy one of Colorado’s most treasured natural assets: the purest, whitest, fluffiest snow!
One can also organise snow shoeing hikes.

3. Discovering the Desert

From the haunting beauty of Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly, deep in the Navajo Reservation, through the sculpted wilderness of “Valley of the Gods”…

4. Riding Wild

Hop onto one of their sturdy horses to get into the wilderness.

5. Soaking it up

Spend hours soaking in Dunton’s famous Hot Springs.

Follow in the footsteps of weary miners, and the Ute Indians who roamed these grounds, to soak in the restoring waters.

The springs cover over around 0.3 square miles and are of the calcium bicarbonate type, with a strong concentration of dissolved iron and manganese and a little dash of lithium.

Springs with high mineral content are recommended for various therapeutic uses, and help opening peripheral blood vessels improving circulation, as well as converting blood sugar to energy and promoting healthy skin.

Try the restored 19th century Bathhouse, or soak under the stars at the source, in the pool, inside the Well House cabin, or out on the river!

6. Eating Colorado Style

Dunton’s chef sources local organic foods from the finest Colorado lamb, to the wild boletus and chanterelles mushrooms, ripe and juicy fruit or plump vegetables from the farm.

The kitchen, at the heart of the old Saloon is open to all, so you can even help the chef if you’d like to. Eat traditional style, all together at the long antique table.

7. The Fine Wine

Discover the aromas from Dunston’s very own Sutcliffe Vineyards.

8. Hitting the Saloon

The heart and soul of Dunton, with original feature galore such as the rustic wooden bar carved by Butch Cassidy and his sidekick Sundance in the 1800’s.

9. The Relaxing Spa

An original experience, the spa offers holistic and therapeutic healing specializing in totally natural treatments based on pure essential oils.

10. The Great Outdoors

Try anything from mountain biking, camping, fly fishing, river rafting, kayaking, all within a short drive of the resort.