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Adventure in Lapland – Hosted by Ski Lapland

Having left Heathrow at the crack of dawn to meet my companions for the next few days in Helsinki, the excitement was building as we were getting ready for our adventure into the arctic.  Little did we know that it was the coldest few days for the last 40 years! (This is not the norm for this time of year).

On arrival in Lapland, after a very easy journey involving a change in Helsinki airport to Kittilia and a 15 minute transfer to Levi we were struck by the amazing scene of snow capped sheer wilderness.

Having spent my first night in the most warm and snugly bed imaginable (A trip to Ikea bed department a priority on my return lodged firmly in my mind!) we ventured out in freezing temperatures -30c coupled with a wind chill of -40C!!

Having struggled into about 20 layers we took part in some amazing experiences Lapland has to offer:-

Easing ourselves into the activities we began with driving Reindeer, a highly amusing experience with each Reindeer firstly taking stock of its new driver to suss out their expertise.  The conclusion arrived at very quickly; we were complete novices so a quick gallop followed by a few mouthfuls of snow, a glance round at the driver to say “I will do this in my own time” the reindeers had definitely seen us coming!

Following on from this we met the beautiful Huskies.  An amazing experience standing on the back of a sled being pulled by an amazing team through the snow filled forest.  The dogs extremely excited making lots of noise the excitement levels for us were fantastic.  A treat I will not forget.
Moving onto Snow Mobiling, another adrenaline boost – driving 60 mph across a frozen lake in twilight having emerged from a forest where I have never seen so many Christmas trees.  An eerie silence surrounding our six machines as we sped along for miles. The scenery was just spectacular giving you the feeling that you want to stay forever.

So moving on to the experience the Ice Hotel near Yllas in Finland it is hard to believe that it only takes around three weeks each winter to build.  Ornate bedrooms with Ice beds, a restaurant with elaborate chandeliers’, a bar and dance floor to while away your evening before retiring into your room at a constant -5C!

Unfortunately no skiing for us this time as the risks of frost bite were just too great and the lifts unusually closed but I have to say the opportunity to try telemark or cross country skiing instead of just downhill would have been fabulous.  The equipment top notch and the levels of instruction on offer superb.

Lastly, the Northern Lights on this occasion were hiding – but we all decided we would definitely be back to this incredible destination which just has so much to offer for so many types of people.  I would urge you to try.

I was very impressed by Ski Lapland also part of Ski Norway who hosted this trip, superb attention to detail and went out of their way to make sure we had a fabulous experience.  The Company offer packaged and tailor made holidays to Finland and Norway during the winter months.  The Directors’ having lived in both Norway and Finland have phenomenal expertise in these areas.

Jacky Stone
Full Circle Travel
February 2012