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I’m really excited about starting this new blog for Full Circle. With our knowledge of travel, and our desire to share it, it seemed like a natural decision to pair up and get the info out there!

I’ve just joined the team as a mobile addition. Think of me as a reporter at large, wandering the world and seeking out the stories, people and places we really want to know about.

First, a little bit about me…

A mixed European background is probably partially responsible for my wanderlust. Working in London and fighting my way onto the tube every night for the best part of a decade also had something to do with it.

With a first job at the FT, a stint as a footie reporter, time at LivingTV and Sony, I escaped to freelance freedom a few years ago and have since travelled for cash, writing for everyone from Elle to Easyjet, Harpers to OK!, EdenTV and London’s Metro amongst others.

I’ve learned to shoot in Texas, shopped in Istanbul, biked down a volcano in Hawaii, snorkelled in the British Virgin Islands, gone unplugged in Nicaragua, driven across the Southern USA, kayaked in the Bahamas, sipped cocktails in St Barts, been to elephant school in Thailand, walked glaciers in Canada, eaten out in Dubai’s finest restaurants, hung out in Beirut and I still haven’t had enough…

I’ll be posting from my trips, and hope this page will become a great place for us to discuss all things travel.