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Since it’s that time of year again when dark settles in early and the cold comes knocking, we thought we’d indulge in a little spa fantasy.

I’ll be posting reviews of our favourite Caribbean spas because there’s more to life than wellies and windy November afternoons…

From past life regression in Anguilla to starlit spa sessions in the British Virgin Islands, Caribbean resorts are going all out in their new generation spas: exotic flavours, bio-products, fantastic views and of course, the legendary mellow Caribbean atmosphere to relax in…

CAP JULUCA, ANGUILLA: Chakra & Shiatsu

The Moorish style resort, set aside from the outside world, is a sparkling white and azure sanctuary set on a beach that stretches into the horizon. Rooms are set back from the 1.5 mile beach with private terraces, huge beds and gigantic bath tubs. Golf carts whiz around the manicured grounds and even bring spa services to your door: no wonder this is a celebrity hideout…

Cap Juluca has a different approach to the spa. The first obvious difference is that treatments take place in your room. Following many indigenous cultures’ belief that the heart of healing begins at home. The Mind, Body and Spirit programme, its most daring venture, includes shamanic work, psychospiritual work, yoga, intuitive healing, energetics and spiritual astrology! It’s all about detoxifying your body, mind and soul.

To delve deep, try ‘Coming Home’ with transpersonal therapist Diana Bourel, the sessions use storytelling, channelling, re-birthing and bioenergetics, as well as past life material to get to your inner spiritual core and find out more about yourself. The idea is to lay to rest the issues that have been troubling you, whether from this life or one gone by. Other treatments in the programme include the Tree of life massage, the ‘soul awakening’ evolved from Absuchanka, a mystical healing art using crystals and gemstone and astrology readings with the extraordinarily-whiskered Hubert Delamotte.

For the more conservative there’s an extensive massage menu using all sorts of goodies from island fruit, spices, jasmine and frangipani oils, aromatherapy, shiatsu, Tai chi, prenatal massages, reiki and tailor made fitness programmes including beach cardio-workouts with former professional cricketer, Cardigan Connor.

Call free on 0800 048 8772 for more information.