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Having moved from summer into autumn, you can guarantee that you are not alone wishing that the weather was brighter and warmer. While there can be many pleasant days in the UK in autumn, it is fair to say that there are many wet and windy days, which means taking autumn sunshine holidays in Europe are very attractive at this time of year.
Thankfully, there are some very affordable options to consider and if you have the flexibility to book a break at this time of year, you will find that there is tremendous value to be found in booking a sunshine holiday in autumn. It will come as no surprise that heading south at this time of year is a good idea to make the most of your holiday.

The Algarve

Copyright: <a href=''>smileus / 123RF Stock Photo</a>The Algarve remains a hugely popular destination in autumn and this is because the temperature holds at a great level. You can expect around seven hours of sunlight at this time of year in this area, so it is an ideal destination for people who are not willing to say goodbye to the sun just yet. The pleasant climate is a big factor in why the Algarve is a great destination for people looking for a golfing break in autumn or winter, but you don’t need to be sporty to feel the benefits of a trip to this destination. Whether you choose the tourist influenced heart of the Algarve or head to a remote village, this is a destination that offers a lot at this time of year.

The Turkish Coast is a great option

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The Turkish Coast is also a great place for people who want to feel the warmth of their skin before the year is over. The southern coast of Turkey is still an option for people looking for a beach or pool holiday in October, which isn’t something you can say for most of Europe. This is also another area which provides plenty for golfers but this area is also becoming an attractive destination for people looking for a good walking holiday.
Tenerife may not be your ideal destination if you are looking for a relaxing holiday but it can offer a lot of sunshine, even into deep October, and this is why it is a fantastic choice for many people. Tenerife is geared for the tourist market so you’ll find that there is a broad spread of accommodation, and you should be able to find affordable options. This is another European destination that offers the chance of a beach break in autumn but with many local bars and restaurants, you’ll find that this is a destination that is as lively during the evening and night as it is as pleasant during the day.
You’ll always find that Italy has plenty to offer and Sicily, just off the south eastern coast, is a holiday destination of great interest. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, this is a holiday destination that has the climate autumn sun seekers are looking for, but this is also a holiday destination with plenty to offer. This is an area that has a varied history and there are many different influences on this part of the world. With the ancient Greeks and the Normans impacting on the area, as well as being a destination that still offers insight into the Baroque era, this destination is perfect for people looking to explore and learn on holiday.

Italy has so much to offer in autumn

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Another great option in Italy is Polignano a Mare, part of the metropolitan area of Bari, with a large focus on tourism. A key reason for arriving in autumn, apart from the fact that the temperatures are still pleasant, is that the area is much quieter than it is during August. Polignano a Mare is hugely popular with Italian tourists, which is always a great indicator for foreign travellers, but the area can seem busy during peak times. Coming during the end of season can save you money while giving you much more space to relax. Similar options in Italy include Calabria and Basilicata.
If you want to be absolutely certain you will enjoy warm weather in autumn, Symi in Greece is a fantastic option to consider. This is an area that has its own microclimate and the locals are so confident in the pleasant conditions, they say that you can swim in the sea all the way through until the New Year. Another great benefit of the warm temperature and life by the sea is that there is a fantastic range of seafood on offer here, so if you are looking forward to indulging in great food during your trip, Symi in Greece may be the ideal destination.
Another Mediterranean option that can provide you with a great autumn break is Cyprus. There is a strong benefit in the fact that holiday prices for this part of the world in autumn are much more affordable than the summer prices. Pissouri Bay is a very popular destination at this time of year, and if you are keen to find a destination that will allow you to enjoy water sports and beach activities, have this on your radar.
With the weather taking a turn for the worse back home, it is easy to see why a sunshine holiday in Europe would be so appealing in autumn.
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