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KAMALAME CAY, BAHAMAS: Cool and relaxed

The first over-water spa in the Bahamas! Kamalame Cay is a tiny 19-room private island hideaway just off Andros Island. Charming pastel coloured cottages hide in the lush palms and luxury prevails: stone features, exotic wooden furniture and huge baths. The views through the muslin-draped French doors are entirely exotic stretching as far as the barrier reef.

The 2,000-square-foot Spa is simply amazing. Sitting over the turquoise waters, the two-story wooden construction is reminiscent of Bali’s finest. A pier leads to five treatment rooms where grand floor to ceiling window open up onto the sea. The real meaning to the word ‘bay windows’! The mix of textures is ideal: thick luxurious cottons, wood and mother of pearl encrusted mirrors. And forget having a sea-sounds tape running in the background, you can hear the soothing rush through the floorboards and all around. The spa is all about indulgence. You can arrange for champagne lunches on the veranda, or simply go for an al fresco yoga session.

The local products are all natural scrubs and oils made by Biotropica for an authentic island experience. Try the one hour Bahamian Boreh, a twist on the traditional Balinese treatment the massage increases circulation and soothes muscles, as well as exfoliating skin. For a little fruit, pick the Kamalame Coconut Body Glow for Sensitive Skin which uses freshly shredded young coconut in a gentle body scrub. And fishing fans aren’t forgotten: the fisherman’s friend massage looks after your neck, shoulders and arms, while the Fishing Widow’s Revenge is a full day five treatment package with lunch included to keep you out of trouble while he goes bone-fishing.