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When it comes to finding a good reason to visit the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic in particular, most people are happy to cite the weather. This is a tropical climate with summer temperatures peaking around 32 °C (90 °F) with the average daily temperature coming in at 25.8 °C (78 °F). This alone will have many people packing their bags but if you are looking for more justification to head to the Caribbean, here are our top 10 reasons to visit the Dominican Republic.

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There are fantastic beaches
When you have such great weather, you want to be able to make the most of it, and this is where the miles upon miles of sandy beaches in the Dominican Republic come into their own. There is close to 1,000 miles of beaches to enjoy and you can find a huge array of pristine white sand beaches. This means not only will you be able to find a spot for a great day; your beach pictures will look fantastic on social media when you upload them. To relax, get a great tan and make folk back home jealous, the beaches of the Dominican Republic are hard to beat.

There are fantastic resorts
If you are keen to enjoy the benefits of an all-inclusive resort, the Dominican Republic is one of the best places you can go to. There are resorts that specialise in a range of activities so if your focus is on a golfing holiday, enjoying a spa, taking part in water sports or even getting married, you’ll find that there are resorts set up to provide you with everything you are looking for. There is also a range of options for all-inclusive resorts in Dominican Republic so no matter what your budget is, it is likely that there’ll be something that meets your needs.

You’ll enjoy brilliant food
For many people, a highlight of a holiday is getting to enjoy local cuisine. There are many different localised dishes to enjoy throughout the country but with staple ingredients of seafood, meat, fresh vegetables, beans and rice, there are many options on offer. Some of the most popular Dominican Republic dishes include Mangu, La Bandera and Casaba, which is a sweet cake derived from yucca.
The main influences on the local cuisine in Dominican Republic include Spanish, African and Taino influences and if you are looking for something more familiar, you’ll find plenty of Mexican, Mediterranean, Oriental and Italian dishes on offer throughout the country.

Dominican Republic can be a place for all the family
If you are looking for a resort that is suitable for all of the family, Dominican Republic has something for everyone. With so many sporting activities like Windsurfing, kayaking, surfing, surfboarding, sailing, diving and canoeing on offer, anyone that likes to be active in the water will love this destination.
There are also child-friendly activities like the zoo, the aquarium, the Botanical Gardens, the children’s park, the waterslide park, the library and there is even a trampoline museum. If you are looking for a family friendly resort, the Dominican Republic has something to entertain everyone.

You can party all night
If you are not so focused on finding activities for the kids to enjoy, the nightlife may be of more interest. There are cafes and bars that are open until the small hours of the morning and if you really want to party, make sure you visit Santo Domingo. The capital city is well worth a visit at any time of day of night but with casinos, bars, restaurants, discotheques and the sort of buzz and excitement you expect from major party towns, you can probably see why the city has been dubbed the “Caribbean New York”.

Dominican Republic loves sports
Whether you want to participate or spectate, you’ll find that the Dominican Republic offers sport for everyone. Golf is the main sport for tourists and there are 28 courses, many of which have been designed by golfing legends. The courses of the island always rate highly in lists of the best golf courses in the Caribbean and in Latin America.
You’ll also find that baseball is a hugely popular sport in Dominican Republic so if you are looking for an activity where you can sit back, relax, enjoy the sun and watch live sport, a baseball game is likely to be the ideal way to spend your day.

The National Parks are incredible

Given that over 25% of Dominican Republic is protected as a National Park, a reserve or a marine sanctuary, you’ll find that there is a great deal of natural beauty to enjoy.  The Dominican Republic is home to both the highest and the lowest point in the Caribbean, the Pico Duarte and Lago Enriquillo respectively.

There is a great sense of history

The capital city Santa Domingo is widely known to be the “First City in the Americas”, and this is the location where the New World started. The Colonial City is a fascinating place to visit and this area was classed as a World Heritage Site back in 1992. Whether you like to explore by yourself or you are looking for tours or guides to ensure you see the full story of the Dominican Republic, history buffs will love their visit.

This is a shopping paradise
Shopping is a major attraction for many people when they travel and the Dominican Republic has plenty on offer. The major cities provide open air markets and air conditioned shopping centres but there are also plenty of small and quaint destinations to snap up a bargain or two. Whether you are focusing on fashion, leather products, cosmetics, bags, jewellery, cigars or alcohol, you can spend hours enjoying the products that are on offer.

Chase waterfalls
If you are located closed to Puerto Plata, you need to take time to enjoy the 27 Waterfalls of Damajagua. Whether you are just there to enjoy the sights or you want to explore the clear pools or go hiking up the rocks, this is a fantastic way to spend your day. One of the most popular activities involves hiking up The Falls and then jumping or sliding back down!

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