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Wild, exotic and overwhelming, Africa is a place that enriches the soul. Each day heralds another colourful sunset, each night seeming more celestial than the last.

A land where lions prowl amongst the bush, hippos wallow in rivers and elephants feed off the trees. Vast open spaces offer chance encounters with nature’s most wonderful beasts, the wilderness suiting every safari dream. Whether galloping across the open plains, drifting majestically over the savannah in a hot air balloon or  tracking leopard, buffalo and giraffe, Africa promises extraordinary life-changing moments, umbrellared by one incredible sky.

Glory in the panoramic valleys, rivers, waterfalls and forests of the Garden Route, lingering in the Winelands with its purple mountains, white cottages and emerald vineyards. Move on to Hermanus to gaze at majestic whales as they bask off the rugged coastline.

Unwind by the swimming pool of an opulent lodge, looking down on a watering hole teeming with animal and bird life or combine beach and bush with a glorious escape to the serenity of Mauritius.

Hop from Kenya’s game-rich Masai Mara to the pristine white powder shores of exotic Zanzibar.  The Serengeti and the Skeleton Coast, the thundering drama of the Victoria Falls, the far-from-it-all tranquillity of Mozambique. The African experience is both matchless and rare.


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