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The world is your playground, poised to reveal its most delicious secrets. A world brimming with destinations that will inspire and impress; faraway places with so many faces, smiles and cultures to understand. There is a mystery and magic to treading new ground, discovering new sights, sounds, tastes and smells. Seek out contemplative shrines and unwind in holistic havens. See  ancient dynasties unearth themselves in front of your eyes, reliving inspiring tales from centuries gone by.


Spiritual vistas silence your thoughts and refocus your mind. Intoxicating,  authentic market towns from Luang Prabang to Ubud lay out their cultural feasts; exquisite temples, dzongs and stupas punctuate rich and colourful lands. Drift through peaceful Keralan backwaters, haggle in Cambodian markets and delight in indigenous gourmet cuisine from pan-Asian to Pacific Rim – an explosion of tastes to excite your palate. With the world at your feet, the temptations are many.


The exhilarating pulse of Hong Kong; the breathtaking diversity of Australia; the vibrant Gauguinesque landscapes of French Polynesia…a vast canvas matched by an array of sublime hotels, villas, lodges and hideaways from the understated to the opulent.


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