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Heading out on your family holidays is an exciting time! But it can be a logistical challenge… So here are a few tips to be well prepared and make the most of it. And, remember, we’re here to help!

Basic Facts
Do some basic research into the country you have chosen: language, food, currency… Working out currency rates ahead will help avoid a few headaches on the spot! 
This is something we can help with to make life easier…

Health Issues
We can help you check any immunisation needs well ahead of departure.

Some jabs can leave you feeling a bit off so best get it out of the way before you travel. For more info check

Don’t forget travel insurance for peace of mind.

Visas & Paperwork

We’re here to help with all your visa and paperwork requirements to help smooth the path before you travel.

Did you know that on arrival in Turkey you’ll need to buy a standard entry visa?
Make sure you have at least six months left on your passport on entry into Turkey and three months’ validity on departure. It’s good to know what to expect before arriving!

Budget friendly tip! Why not buy a calling card for cheaper calls rather than paying extortionate hotel room rates?

Bespoke Break
We can organise all your activities ahead of time, or if you want to go direct you can always call your hotel’s concierge before you go to get some more insider tips!

Family Holiday Packing: 10 Golden Rules

1. Go with a “Justin” case
Carry a small bag of essentials on board with you as hand luggage – just in case yours go AWOL! Better safe than sorry…
Anything you think you can’t live without: that new bikini, the kids’ bug goggles, sunglasses, sunhats….

(Sunhat: House of Fraser £20 Linea; Jelly shoes: Next £7; Bikini: Accessorize Amalfi £16, £14; Bug goggles Early Learning Centre )

2. Recharge
Whether it’s for your mobile phone or for your digital camera’s batteries don’t forget your chargers! And, remember to check your outlets and plugs to see you have the right combination for your destination.

3. Beat the bugs
If you’re headed to exotic climes, plan ahead for bugs…

BugBand is an environmentally friendly alternative to deet-based repellents. The natural Wrist Bands last up to 120 hours! It also comes in towelettes or spray which you can spritz onto clothes too.

A small medical purse including plasters, aspirin etc can come in useful – for the kids or for your blisters after too much walking in new shoes…

5. Relax to the max
Bring a good book or even a DVD you’ve been meaning to read or watch for a while.

6. More Space
Digital high resolution photos take a lot of space!
An extra memory card will mean not having to delete any.

7. Friendly Face
Why not pack a friendly face for the kids. A stuffed animal or favourite toy will help them feel at home anywhere.
(Teddy Bear, Mamas & Papas £40)

8. Mini Kit
If you’re going somewhere remote, pack a small travel size kit of essentials like Dove Travel Minis, £5.99.

The hand luggage friendly wash bag is filled with mini every day essentials including Deodorant, Body Wash 55ml, Moisturising Crème and Intensive Repair Shampoo with Conditioner too.

9. Lotions & Potions
Be UV Savvy and slather on the sun cream. And don’t forget to regularly re-apply on the kids!

10. A bag within a bag

Pack a soft beach bag you can roll up, you’ll be glad of a lightweight bag for strolling around or beach trips which is not your everyday handbag!

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