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It’s all you ever dreamed of but where can you find the best in sea, salt and sand? Brochures are forever touting the perfect beach but we’ve hunted far and wide to see for ourselves…

Whether it’s your own private island in Thailand or the best beach service in Mexico complete with LocationFree TVs for catching the latest movies, or even a Caribbean snorkelling heaven: each beach comes with its very own speciality.

1. Best for privacy: Bon Island, Evason Resort, Phuket, Thailand
Sometimes you just want to be together with no one else to bother you. This may be a huge luxury but it’s part of the deal at the Evason Phuket in Thailand where the honeymoon suite is on its own island. Although the main beach is open to hotel guests, at night everyone goes home and you are master of the island… With your very own butler and chef of course!

2. Best for sunsets: Jumby Bay, Antigua, British West Indies
If you’re spending your romantic break in Antigua you’ll be spoilt for choice. Indeed the island’s claim to fame is that they have 365 beaches, or one to keep you busy every day of the year! At the all inclusive and luxurious Jumby Bay watching the sunset is an institution. Settle in for the show with a low chair in the surf, armed with a cocktail and watch as the striking orange and gold drama unfolds.