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Many of us remember dreaming of trips to space and vacations on Mars, and we may have been a little disappointed that those promised inventions failed to appear. While they may be a little late in coming, the good news is that innovations in the world of travel are on the way, at least for the well off. Soon the most affluent travelers will be able to travel to the edge of space in a specially designed plane, and those seasoned travelers may even be able to literally sleep on a cloud in the world’s first floating hotel.

One of the leaders in the world of luxury space travel has been Richard Branson, the famous founder of Virgin Atlantic. The new Virgin Galactic venture promises to take passengers to the edge of space, providing a true adventure for the most affluent travelers. Passengers are already lining up to make their reservations, and with a little luck personal space travel may finally be close at hand.

Of course adventures like those undertaken by Mr. Branson do far more than spark the imagination and fulfill the desires of the wealthiest plane travelers. The technological advances made possible by trips to the edge of space could well play a positive role in the future of the planet. As the planet continues to face challenges from overpopulation and climate change, the true importance of such ventures may become apparent.

If the benefits for mankind are far reaching, the benefits for individual travelers will be more immediate. In the near future affluent travelers will be able to embark on adventures that would have been impossible only a few short years ago. One of the most sought after adventures may be a stay at the Manned Cloud, the latest creation by Jean Marie Massaud, the famous French designer.

The Manned Cloud is a double-decker creation capable of traveling up to 5,000 kilometers, and this unique creation will provide a creative and highly sought after space for the luxury traveler. This “floating cloud” can accommodate up to 40 guests, along with 15 staff people, within its 1,100 square meter living space.

The Manned Cloud has been developed with the assistance of the national aerospace research arm of the French government, and it will soon allow travelers to revel in new experiences and new sensations. This unique floating hotel even includes such amenities as a full service restaurant and lounge, as well as a bar, library and even a fitness center. What more could the affluent traveler want?

by beconrad