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Introducing The Little Concierge Company, a premium service delivering baby essentials; nappies, milk, food, toiletries and much more to holiday destinations all over the world.
Family holidays are a time for stress free relaxation, but, when travelling abroad, it’s often difficult for parents with small children to relax; worrying instead if their little ones will eat the local food, if will there be quality nappies and baby milk in the local shops, what if their children are unwell, can they trust local over the counter medication?  Parents either take their chances at their holiday destination, or pack suitcases full of the items their baby’s will need; nappies, formula, baby food, basic medication, toiletries, sterilisers, bottles … More bags, excess baggage charges, this is not a relaxing start to any holiday.
However, The Little Concierge Company offers a stress free alternative; the delivery of everything a baby could need directly to the family’s holiday destination.  With The Little Concierge Company, parents can trust that all their baby’s essentials will be waiting for them on arrival at their destination.  
Parents can choose the same superior quality baby products they use for their child when at home and with one click of a mouse, their items will be shipped to their destination and waiting for them on arrival.  The Little Concierge also takes care of Mum & Dad, offering a large selection of parent’s essentials and luxuries.
The Little Concierge Company saves families time, effort, stress and money.  When availing of The Little Concierge, parents no longer need to pre-pack bulky baby products and pay excess baggage, are no longer reliant on unfamiliar and overpriced nappies, formula or baby food.  The Little Concierge offers a professional, yet friendly service, enabling Mum & Dad to relax, unwind and look forward to that well deserved break, safe in the knowledge their children will be looked after.
Tel:                       01926  850144