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Full Circle Travel are proud to work with My Travelling Nanny, here is a fantastic introduction to the business from Linda, one of the founders:

My Travelling Nanny: The Ticket for a great Family Holiday

Holidays for the modern day family – juggling work with children – have become more than just a change of scenery. They are an essential breathing space from everyday stresses, and an  opportunity to slow down and relax.

Children, unfortunately, do not have relaxation on their agenda. On the contrary, in a new environment, their energy levels, fuelled by curiosity and the need for adventure – increase.  Nothing is further from their minds than sitting around reading – or any kind of leisurely stroll.  It’s too hot for them.  Too far.  No ice cream. Daddy won’t play hide and seek all morning.  Mummy’s got out of the pool because she says she’s going wrinkly.  Can we have tea now? (5pm).

Babies and toddlers often do not adapt easily to somewhere new, and their sleep patterns can be affected by jet lag and a “strange” bedroom. Keeping them cool and content can be a full time job, and any thoughts of going anywhere you read about in the Guide Book or even just lounging around soaking up the sun can become a distant and unattainable dream.

Your own Travelling Nanny can make the difference.  She can do a stint in the pool.  A stint playing games. She can do a teatime stint, a bathtime and bedtime stint. And she can babysit when you want to go out.  She’s there. You have met her and booked her before your holiday. She can travel with you so that the flight is less stressful.  Your children know her.  You know they will be happy and safe while you have some time out.

Linda and Michaela are the people behind My Travelling Nanny: a Mother-and-Daughter team.  Michaela is an experienced Holiday Nanny.  Linda has experience of numerous family holidays with 4 children. They personally interview, vet, and reference check each Travelling Nanny on their database. Many of these have feedback from families who have booked them previously as a Travelling Nanny. As an agency My Travelling Nanny has numerous testimonials from happy families, and has reached a high level in both National and local Business competitions for New Enterprises.

For details about how to book your own Travelling Nanny please go to our website:, or phone 020 8133 3126.