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The Wood Norton, a new luxury hotel in Worcestershire, surprised some of its Mother’s Day diners yesterday as they presented the Dad’s with their lunch bill and a pair of washing up gloves.

The Dad’s could either pay for the meal as normal or not pay and do a 30 minute washing up shift in the kitchen, whilst mum and the children enjoyed their after lunch coffee in the bar and lounge areas.

Oliver Cooke, general manager of The Wood Norton, said: “We thought we’d have a bit of fun really. The whole concept of Mother’s Day is to give mum a well deserved day off, and do all the house chores, cook the lunch etc etc. So by Dad taking the family out for a meal, although a lovely treat, is slightly cheating, as they’re getting out of doing some actual work!”

The restaurant was full for the Mother’s Day Sunday lunch, seating 74, with two Dad’s opting to put on the washing up gloves and stepping into the kitchen to tackle the mass of dirty plates.

After lunch children were also asked to each plant a rose in the new gardens, and write a message for their mum, which then sat next to each rose.

Oliver added: “Over the last year we’ve spent a lot of time and money on the new gardens, and thought it would be a nice idea for the children to write a personal message for their mum and plant their own roses, which will blossom with the rest of the garden flowers over the coming months.”

The hotel, now under new ownership, spent £4million last year on a huge 6-month refurbishment project, and officially re-opened on the 29th November 2012. A big focus of the project was restoring the gardens and in particular the historic restaurant within the main hall. 

Oliver said: “The restaurant looks absolutely fantastic, and makes for a great dining experience, especially as it looks out onto the gardens. It was good fun yesterday, I’m just worried now what the Dad’s will want to do as payback when it’s Father’s Day!”

The hotel restaurant is open all days of the week, for both lunch and dinner. For further information please call Katie Butterworth on 01386 765611 or email sales@thewoodnorton.comOtherwise visit