Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falklands - Antarctica

This is a customisable itinerary to provide you with a start point and suggestions for your travel plans. We’ll work closely with you and our travel partner to design your ideal trip, paying close attention to your interests, your travel style and your budget. Our partner’s specialists know the country inside out and can lead you to experiences you won’t find in a guidebook.   Day 1 International outbound flight Today you begin your journey by boarding your international outbound flight to Buenos Aires. Day 2 Buenos Aires Arrival in Buenos Aires and transfer to your hotel. You will have the afternoon to take in the city at your leisure. We can make expert recommendations to make the most of your brief time here. Day 3 Ushuaia & Tierra del Fuego Flight to Ushuaia and transfer to your pre-expedition hotel. In the afternoon you will need to be at your hotel for a pre-departure briefing, but otherwise the small frontier city is worth a stroll around and there are several interesting museums that can be visited. Day 4 At sea Free time in the morning to explore the city before you board the ship and set sail, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, along the Beagle Channel. We recommend spending time on deck to take your first chances at spotting wildlife before dinner and the evening lecture. Day 5 At sea Today will be spent at sea approaching the Falklands. Birdwatching opportunities today include spotting albatrosses, prions, and petrels as they follow the ship. Lectures will begin tonight and there will be briefings on environmental regulations and expedition safety. Day 6 At sea Arrive in the westernmost islands where you will have your first opportunity to see penguins. Rockhopper, King, and Magellanic penguins all have their rookeries here. You will also visit a local homestead and learn about life on these remote islands. Day 7 At sea Spend the day in the capital of Stanley and visit its post office, shops and pubs. More wildlife is also on offer from town including sea lions and dolphins in the harbour. Day 8 At sea Sail east and officially cross into Antarctic waters. On-board lectures and presentations will continue with a focus on the history and wildlife of the approaching South Georgia islands. Day 9 At sea The journey continues to South Georgia. As you make this crossing it's worth remembering that Shackleton and his men sailed this in an open lifeboat 100 years ago with just a sextant and Frank Worsley to guide them. Day 10 At sea Today the ship will reach Elephant Island where the famed polar explorer, Ernest Shackleton, left the majority of his men under the command of Frank Wild while he sailed to South Georgia for help. Day 11 At sea Today you will reach South Georgia and start exploring this startling landscape. Some of the world's most nutrient-rich waters swirl around this speck of rock which supports the abundance of wildlife you are about to encounter. Day 12 At sea Wildlife has claimed back the island that was once home to whalers, and now it is a teeming paradise for a vast array of species. Along the way you should see magnificent king penguin colonies and sea lions challenging one another for space on the rocky beaches, Day 13 At sea Today you will reach South Georgia and start exploring this startling landscape. Some of the world's most nutrient-rich waters swirl around this speck of rock which supports the abundance of wildlife you are about to encounter. Day 14 At sea A day at sea on the way to Antarctica. Lectures will focus on recapping what you've experienced in South Georgia and what lies ahead on Antarctica. If the conditions allow you may be able to stand on deck to watch the seabirds effortlessly soar through the air, using the ship's currents to gain momentum. Day 15 At sea By now you will have had your first glimpses of Antarctica which is a moment you will never forget as a sense of camaraderie and celebration sweeps over the vessel. Having reached the White Continent you will continue on with daily landings and Zodiac cruising. Day 16 At sea Today you may find yourself inside an explorer's hut learning about the conditions those early adventurers endured or take in the sight, smell, and sound of a lively penguin colony. Day 17 At sea Another day of exploration today. Zodiac cruising through fields of icebergs or spending time with researchers at far-flung outposts are some of the possibilities. Day 18 At sea More opportunities for wildlife spotting will present themselves as you explore the Antarctic Peninsula. Adelie, Chinstrap, and Gentoo penguins will all be busy in their colonies while Weddell, Crabeater, and Elephant Seals may be found laying out on the ice. Day 19 At sea You may also have the chance to camp on the ice or go kayaking. More and more adventure options are being added to Antarctic expeditions so please do ask if you are interested. Day 20 At sea As you say goodbye to Antarctica and begin crossing the notorious Drake Passage you will have a final chance to see icebergs as you approach the South Shetland Islands. Day 21 At sea You'll spend the day at sea on the way to Argentina. Though the journey is coming to an end there is still an air of excitement on board as you enjoy the last night celebrating with the crew and fellow passengers. Day 22 Buenos Aires Landing back in Argentina you will disembark and fly back to Buenos Aires. Upon arrival in Buenos Aires you will be met at the airport and taken to your hotel in a private vehicle. You will be able to rest up for the remaining journey home or venture out to savour any of the comforts of civilisation you missed while on board your expedition vessel. Day 23 International return flight You will take a private transfer back to the airport today for your flight home. Day 24 International return flight Arrive home today to complete your journey. Holiday Name : Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falklands 
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Tour highlights
  • Walk from Stromness to Fortuna Bay in the footsteps of Shackleton, Crean and Worsley.
  • See wandering albatross on their nests.
  • Marvel at icebergs carved into hypnotic shapes by the wind and water.
  • Spend time on deck watching wandering albatross circle the boat whilst keeping an eye open for whales.
  • Kayak or trek in peace through untouched regions.
  • Sit among a king penguin colony with over 100,000 birds.
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