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They might be the apple of their parents’ eye but screaming children have been voted the top inflight annoyance – according to a new poll.
The survey, conducted by online casino, polled 500 holiday makers and asked them to name the thing which annoyed them the most when travelling by air, with screaming children topping the list with more than a third (35%) of the vote. 
Being squashed up next to a fat person came in second place with just under a quarter (23%) identifying it as their number one inflight bugbear.
Intense body odour and other noxious human odours came in third place achieving 16 % of the vote.
Drunk, noisy passengers came fourth with 14% of the vote, followed by cramped, uncomfortable aeroplane toilets which were the top annoyance of seven per cent of respondents.
Interestingly, notoriously bad aeroplane food was voted the most annoying thing about flying by just five per cent of those polled.
A spokesperson for commented: “It is no real surprise that screaming children came top of the poll. It’s a loud, irritating and repetitive sound and one which doesn’t make a good accompaniment to long-distance travel.
“What makes matters worse is if it’s an early morning or late night flight when all you want to do after take-off is get some sleep. Frustratingly the more tired the child is the more they scream – it’s a real vicious circle.
“It is perhaps understandable then why some airlines are now banning children for certain sections of the plane or from the airline completely.”
One female respondent who wanted to remain anonymous said that being squashed next to a fat person on a recent flight to Australia raised her frustration levels to new heights.
She said: “I absolutely hate sitting next to fat people. Now, I’m not talking about people who are a little overweight, I mean properly obese people.  When you are in economy, packed in like sardines, they just spill out over their seats completely invading your private space.
“It might sound heartless but if I had my own way, fat people would have to buy two seats.”
Another person who took part in the poll commented: “One thing which really irritates me is having to sit next to people with terrible BO or flatulence. There’s nothing worse than a terrible odour filling your nostrils, particularly on a long-haul flight.”
The spokesman concluded: “In flight food used to be the butt of many a joke yet it came just sixth in our top flight frustrations poll which shows all the money invested by airlines in providing better meals must be paying off.”
See below for a full list of the most common inflight frustrations:
Crying babies – 35%
Sitting next to a fat person – 23%
Human odours – 16%
Drunk passengers – 14%
Airplane toilets – 7%
Airplane food – 5%
What is your biggest annoyance on a flight?