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Couples escaping for a romantic get-away at Elmley National Nature Reserve in Kent don’t even need to get out of bed to enjoy the wilderness, thanks to Dorset shepherd’s hut maker, Plankbridge, creators of this ultimate lover’s retreat. With floor to ceiling countryside views on offer from the luxury of a king size ash-branch four-poster bed, this rustic oasis can be found just one hour from London at the UK’s only farmer owned and managed independent national nature reserve.
With all shepherd’s huts built true to their Victorian heritage, Plankbridge also took inspiration from the wildlife-rich Kent marshland when crafting this enchanting sanctuary, where the only tweeting comes from the lapwings, marsh harriers and avocets, which frequent the reserve.
Georgina Fulton of Elmley National Nature Reserve, explains: “With unspoilt views spanning more than three miles in every direction, we wanted to ensure that the shepherd’s hut could champion these idyllic countryside scenes from within, while at the same time looking as though it has always sat on the reserve. Richard and the team at Plankbridge immediately understood what we were trying to achieve and we couldn’t be happier with the result.”
Richard Lee, owner and co-founder of Plankbridge Hutmakers, adds: “This was a very exciting hut to build, it’s a really fitting space for its surroundings. The large floor to ceiling window allows plenty of light in and gives a sense of being outside but with luxurious home comforts.”
Romantic getaways in the Vanellus shepherd’s hut at Elmley National Nature Reserve start at £80 per night for two adults. For more information about Elmley National Nature Reserve please visit

For more information about shepherd’s huts from Plankbridge Hutmakers, please call 01300 348414, email: enquiries@plankbridge.comor visit: