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We’re delighted to welcome Sean MacDonald to the team at Full Circle Travel.

After a very successful career at Thomas Cook Travel Lounge in St Albans, Sean has joined the team from his base in Harpenden, Hertfordshire.

Over the last 3-4 years Sean has been all over the world, visiting the finest places, whether it’s Barbados, Mauritius, Peru, Miami, the Bahamas, Dubai or Antigua.

We find out about Sean’s favourite travels…

Favourite destination?

“The Caribbean, Switzerland and Italy which I know inside out.”

Most memorable trip?

“At two hour trek through the jungle, then paddling a canoe down a tributary of the Madre De Dios river in the Peruvian Amazon – to the lake (pictured) Sandoval!

Watching the sun go down as the noise from the cicadas changes into the riot of frogs, topped off by a troop of Howler monkeys.

Returning down the river in a power canoe and looking up at the perfectly clear Southern sky where the stars are huge and densely packed in a way you can never see in light-polluted Europe.”

Top tip?

“When packing, lay all the things you want to take and your money on the bed. Then halve the things to take and double the money!”

Favourite hotel?

“Not the grandest or with the all singing & dancing spas etc. I love the Alpenrose in Wengen. I rate it highly for the cuisine which is well above star rating, the views from the South facing rooms (always book these!) and the friendly ambiance.