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A recent survey by HIM found that 25% of holidaymakers don’t know where they are when they go away.

I’d have thought that a holiday is such a big deal these days, you’d really want to know where you are going? Surely, during the months before, while looking forward to your break, during the run up to the departure date, when you’re nipping into Boots and stocking up on essentials from sun cream to insect repellent or Imodium, you’d be tempted to look into where you are going? For practical reasons alone – do you need a visa? Injections? How long is the flight? How can you not find out more about the destination?

It really doesn’t compute. Then again, a friend who was a student at Oxford once took the plane from England to Ireland and was surprised to see water. The thing is, she lived in Liverpool. Since then, her geography has improved somewhat.

And there’s more, 1 million Brits book flights to or hotels in the wrong destinations, while 1.6 million bring the wrong currency. Now, that I can forgive. It happens to the best of us. After all, who’s to know a Serbian Dinar from a Tunisian Dinar?

Obviously none of this would happen if a reliable travel agent were looking after it all. That means that at least a million Brits out there need our help. Now, that is good news.