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Choosing the perfect summer holiday destination is no easy feat. Often torn between having the perfect mix of escaping the bustle of the city to enjoy the scenic relaxation and exploring the vibrancy and culture that the urban hotspots has to offer, the criteria often falls to where can offer the best of both worlds.

Portugal´s diversity with spectacular beaches harbouring clear, bright blue waters, gorgeous sunshine, adventurous activity, nature and history makes Portugal THE country to spend Summer holidays! Inspire yourself here…

Take the Sun back with you

With over 2500 hours of sunshine per year in Portugal, stepping outdoors to see anything but the beautiful glow of the sun is something of a rarity. Bring back a sun-kissed tans by enjoying the beautiful beaches in the Algarve or others around the country, or by discovering Lisbon’s famous Light on the city’s many slopes and enjoy a drink in the sun on a café terrace with a glass in hand too!

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Take a dive into a diamond blue bliss

Portugal is famous for its deep blue, and the summer not only offers up the opportunity to enjoy a range of sea based activity like surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing, but it also allows you to explore the sea world that resides beneath the waves. The Archipelagos of Madeira and Azores are a perfect choice in the summer for families who want to witness the majestic sight of whales and dolphins gracing the Atlantic as well as sea kayaking, scuba diving, canyoning, SUP, etc.

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Take a trip to the beating heart of Portuguese nature

Caves and beaches to discover, forests and mountains to be travelled, lakes and waterfalls to explore. If inspiration is what you want, Portugal has plenty on offer. Places of breathtaking natural beauty and landscapes that make you want to grab your camera and make sure you never forget that moment.

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Take a piece of the Portuguese Cuisine

Portuguese are famed for their love of traditional homemade cuisine and even more famous for their love of sharing it with everyone who visits the country. Portuguese flavours can be experienced either in the many Michelin Star Restaurants around the country or just in the small “tavernas” who serves the best traditional Portuguese homemade food. All this served with our sumptuous wine and beer.

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